Rabu, 27 April 2011

No Sh*t Sherlock

Crappy articles wasting space and telling us things that we already know.

Black women's hair loss tied to braiding, weaving

Women with permanent balding also more likely to have bacterial scalp infections 

"I won't tell you not to braid your hair, but I don't want you to braid it so tightly that you need to take pain medication," said Kyei, of the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

Herpes lurks even without symptoms

Symptomless-virus can harbor active forms that can be spread to sexual partners 

People infected with genital herpes but don't show any symptoms can still be contagious and spread the virus to sexual partners.



Misery may really love company, study suggests

Adults who claim to have ADHD? 1 in 4 may be faking it

Patients embellish symptoms to gain access to stimulant drugs, study finds 

Yasmin Birth Control Pill May Increase Blood Clot Risk 

*$%#@! Cursing Can Soothe Pain, Research Shows 


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