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Burberry Handbag

Burberry opened a shop in the Haymarket, London in 1891 which remains the site of Burberry’s corporate headquarters today. The Burberry Equestrian Knight Logo was developed containing the Latin word Prorsum, which means forwards in English, and registered as a trademark in 1901. Thomas was commissioned by the War Office in 1914 to adapt their officer’s coat to suit the conditions of warfare, which resulted in the design of the trench coat. The trench coat became popular with civilians after the war and the famous Burberry check was designed and used as a lining in Burberry’s trench coats in the twenties.

Luxury Soft Brown Burberry Handbag

Burberry remained an independent company until 1955, when it was bought by Great Universal Stores. In 1967, over forty years since Burberry’s classic Haymarket check was used as a coat lining, the Burberry check began to be widely used for umbrellas, scarves, luggage and Burberry purses.

Unique Black Burberry Handbag
Burberry Handbag Gold Brown Combination

To appeal to the younger market the Novacheck was created and then altered to make the design bigger and then slanted in a diamond shaped pattern. Many of the latest Burberry purses sport the Novacheck pattern and it is widely used on two of the most popular designs in the Burberry purse line, the Bowling Bag and the classic Hobo. The Burberry bowling bag is available in large and small sizes and so is the Hobo.

3 in 1 Colors Burberry Handbag

Not all designs of Burberry purses are designed with the Burberry fabric; the Baby Ruched Leather Lowry is a beautiful Burberry purse. This Burberry purse is fashioned of soft leather and has inverted pleat detailing on the front and back of the bag. It has black nickel finished hardware and a leather base with five feet. This classic Burberry purse has a leather and black nickel hanging tag, with the ‘Burberry established 1856′ trademark inscribed on it. This particular Burberry purse has a jacquard lining woven with the prorsum knight motif along with two leather handles and detachable leather cross body strap.

Burberry Handbag Set

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