Minggu, 31 Mei 2009

Going out of Business Sale

In the past couple of days, I have faced the temptation of buying t-shirts and other articles of clothing. The reason why it's such a hard decision is because it's at a discounted rate. Not just any discounted rate, such as 20% or even 35%, I'm talking about 50%-75% off with free shipping. Now I know that this consumer challenge asks that I do not buy merchandise and fight the urges of


WEEK 10! Whats up to all the graduating students this quarter.Its the last weak of the compact/anticonsumerism challenge and I am at quite an end. I must say that though everything looks very appealing, I am a college student and have little to spend on such luxuries. Most goes to food alcohol or other. I decided however, that I have observed the majority of the challenge without making a

First Step to Stepping out to the real world

I, like many of my peers, am graduating from UC Davis. Out in the professional world, one needs the proper clothing to succeed in interviews and corporate America in general. This type of dress, for males like myself, comes in the form of a suit. The only problem with dressing professionally is that suits are quite a monetary investment. This poses a difficulty for many who graduate and head

Why did you buy that?

As I read this weeks reading, while on a short family road trip to San Francisco this weekend, I set myself on a mission to pay close attention to the consumers at the San Francisco Centre Westfield Mall. I particularly wanted to focus on what consumers were buying and why consumers were purchasing certain products (was it because it’s currently in style or because it fit the individuals own

Gimme More!

In today's age, nothing is ever enough. We always want more; more shoes, more clothes, more money, more everything! We have all heard that more is not always better but it does not always resonate when have to have something. The key is minimizing, reducing clutter can be the first step to a simpler and less stressful life. For someone, like myself, who has had a difficult time controlling

Tattoos: Reflective of Me or The Media?

After going to John Mayer's concert last July of 2008 in San Jose, my respect level for him as a guitarist increased exponentially. I was in deep awe of his ability to play the guitar while it was rested on the floor and he was kneeling over it. But beyond his guitar playing, the one other thing that really struck me was his tattoos - specifically the one on his right forearm. There was something

What can we do?

Consumerism, It’s everywhere, whether we like it or not. Imagine a world where we live in a safe pleasant and an unpolluted environment. And we actually know our neighbors and are able to interact with each other, be it a small town, the suburban area or even a city neighborhood. That sounds far fetched as of right now, but if we change our ways of living, there may be a day where changes can be

Too Much Mom!Too Much!

Like many of you this weekend, I made a visit to my parents’ place. Since it is a week before finals, I decided to go home for a chance to relax before jumping into a week of coffee, sleepless nights, and nonstop studying. Most of my friends told me that the first question their parents would ask them when they come home is: have you eaten yet? In my case, it’s a little different. My mom still

A Threadless Streetwear, Maybe?

While the article about streetwear by Jessica Pallay was short but it provided just enough information for anyone not in-the-know to be curious and to have a general sense of what it is all about. And what does Threadless have anything to do with this? Maybe it's just me but when I started reading the article, Threadless immediately came to my mind.T-shirts from freshjive Spring 09

Fashion Recession or Idea Recession?

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