Selasa, 03 Mei 2011

Glamorous High Heels

Golden High Heels With Glamorous Design and Flowers Ornament

Glamorous High Heels With Pearl Ornament

The strap-in high heels follow the notion of dancing pumps to some extent, which is characteristic of Victoria princess. The application of brilliant colors and ribbon straps brings about a type of fashion sense and groovy feelings. Pairing them with black leggings will be the wise choice of the pretty girls. The stiletto heel fitted with decorative details highlights the graceful contours of the female body. On formal occasions, the strap-in high heels will never let you down. If you are fortunate to be invited to a banquet, you are absolutely the stunning one with the magic weapon!

Exotic High Heels With Glamorous Design

The "Erratic" is one fantastically glamorous and attention-getting sandal -- and it's one of those wonderful times when you don't have to choose which color to get, as this style rolls gold, silver and black into one sexy package. The 4.75 inch heel, platform sole, and wide straps would be enough to turn heads, but this sandal also includes gold- and silver-tone hardware, as well as tiny rhinestone embellishments. These high heel sandals would work wonders with a mid-length or shorter cocktail dress.

Glamorous Red High Heels Peep Toe

Glamorous Pink High Heels With Gladiator Design

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