Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

The Superiority Complex Sisterhood of Juvenile Rationale

     I’ve decided to start a support group for people who lack any reasonable sense of humor.  These people go through life, often frustrated and offended by other peoples’ opinions.  These people are insecure, and regard other peoples’ opinions as personal attacks toward themselves.  Feeling safe behind their computer screens, they rant and rave about how some writers are just plain God-awful people while simultaneously implying that they, themselves, are good people (despite hurling personal attacks towards the authors and replacing adjectives and nouns with expletives).   These people frequently lack the language skills and emotional intelligence to resolve their own feelings of insecurity and translate that understanding into a meaningful thought.

The most common defense mechanism amongst these insecure individuals; projection.

      Projection involves misunderstanding thoughts and feelings that in reality come from inside one’s own psyche, as coming from outside from another person.   Projection creates misunderstanding when the projected feelings and attitudes distort the person on whom they are being projected.  The ‘victim’ [of the projections, not the projector who believes that they are the true victim] eventually resents being misperceived/accused as being angry, jealous, dishonest, when the person projecting is actually the angry, jealous, or dishonest person.

      The projector may not even be able to discriminate between individuals who are actually angry, jealous, dishonest, from those who are his victims on whom he projects.  Therefore the projector confuses his/her own feelings as originating from the ‘victim’.  So this defense distorts not only the projector and victim, but disables the projector from ’seeing’ an actual perpetrator.

        When the victim confronts/corrects the person projecting onto them, the projector often flies into a immediate rage, as if to bully the victim into accepting the projections.  Another reaction of the projector is the cool calm self-assured exterior as well as accusations about the victims with no detailed examples or explanations as to why the accusations are true.  This often indicates who is the projector and who is the victim.

        The Superiority Complex Sisterhood of Juvenile Rationale (the SCSJR) is a safe place for the emotionally impaired to convene, and connect with others suffering from a crippling lack of perspective or sense of humor.   This is a safe place, to piss and moan all you like, with no annoying interruptions or reality checks from those who poses the integrity that you so lack, causing you to be exposed as being completely asinine.   You will be free to exercise your right to Freedom Of Speech while still deploring others for having the gonads to express opinions different from your own.  Its kind of a win-win.

Hope to see you at the next meeting of the SCSJR!


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