Senin, 16 Mei 2011

This Is Why People Hate Me

  I decided to get to the bottom of this whole thing where everyone hates me.  According to a quiz I took at OK Cupid, this is why people hate me (my score):

The Why Do People Hate You? Test

The perfect human.

29 Cruelty, 26 Anal, 12 Pushover
Congratulations. You're easy-going, friendly and know when to stand up for yourself. You're perfect. In fact, you're a little bit too perfect. Chances are, hoards of jealous people are plotting your demise at you read this. Tough luck, pal.

Your Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

I mostly agree with the results of this test.  I find the "pushover" rating to be inaccurate.  Based on the questions posed, I answered as accurately as possible.  However, the test does not account for the difference between apathy and need for acceptance.  Additionally, I feel that the test confuses brutal honesty with "cruelty", but I accept these results.  Overall, I'm pleased with my results. 

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