Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

Versace Rings

Glamor Versace Ring with shiny diamond and gold materials. For those who prefer wearing rings as their Versace wedding rings you can choose from the various designs that have been the object of the first lines of jewelry designed by Gianni Versace. For instance the Medusa head feature which has become meanwhile a classic in the collection of this designer’s piece of jewelry seen as the most representative for his blend of ancient with modern elements. Or for women there is the unconventional alternative to the casual elegance with choosing the citrine, diamonds and white gold Versace ring where the center citrine is outlined by a brilliant cut diamonds pave.

Elegant gold diamond of Versace Ring

Elegant silver diamond of Versace Ring

Unique Versace Ring with elegance design

Elegant Versace Rings with silver and diamond

Beautiful Versace Ring for wedding. But when it comes to Versace wedding rings, it is impossible not to fall in love with the attention to detail that this designer incorporates in the format of the wedding rings. Browsing among the collection of his creations, you are given the chance to find wedding bands that are more likely to belong to inspiring sources of the ancient civilizations, bringing in touches of the Greek motifs, gemstones mounted on sophisticated designs that lead one to the European medieval royal courts.

Elegant shiny diamond in Versace Ring

Gold Versace Ring withh diamond

Cool Versace Ring design

Unique gold of Versace Ring

Popular Versace Ring

Shiny silver of Versace Ring

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