Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

Fergie Is Gross, And It Appears That She Likes It That Way...

Soooo Fergie is pretty much the most disgusting person ever... I found some pre-plastic surgery images that indicate she wasn't always so strikingly hideous.
Okay, so this picture is still pretty bad...
 She actually looks really hot in this one

But then she went and got some crazy surgeries and now she looks like garbage.  Notice the change in the arch of her eyebrows.  They've obviously been surgically altered.  The worst part is that her eyebrows are the most disturbing feature of her gremlin face, and they look that way because she payed someone to make them look like that!  Good God, what an idiot...
And why is she always so shiny?? WTF

So I am confident in my observations of this monster because I've found evidence that others out there in the internets have compared her to other plastic surgery train wrecks who are also super gross.
Wow, Fergie and Bret Michaels could be brothers!
Fergie and Carrot Top, also a very good comparison.

If she doesn't get her face fixed ASAP, she's on the fast track to looking like this:

-P.S. I am not sorry for posting this picture of the innocent bystander above, however, I feel sad for her face.

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