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Punk Hairstyle Images

The punk hairstyles has basically stayed the same, with a few changes here and there to fit the times. In the seventies, when punk really began to take off, if your hair style was spiked or colored, you were a punk. When the eighties approached, rebellion became something like it never was before, and with the birth of MTV, it was easier to spread the rebel punk hair virus. One of the important element in a punk hairstyle is the cut. It can go from a shaggy hair right on top and with a buzz cut found on the lower section of the head. Another one is having asymetrical shapes of hair that are longer on the other side is quite the popular style when it comes to punk hairstyle. There are even those who are die-hard punks that put designs or slogans right at the back of the heads. Sometimes, the shavings that are shown at the back of the heads do represent political standing or trying to voice out their opinions or feelings. When you already have the hair cut, the next stop is the hair color. Your hair will never be classified as punk if you don’t add great color on it. The look might be edgy but will never pass the standards of a punk look. Hair color for punk style involves vibrant colors such as pink, orange, red, and even blue. You can have one color or even a mixture of these colors to come up with a good design or pattern. The most famous one is having a raven hair that has platinum blond tips.For sure, when talking about punk style what comes to mind is the mohawk. A mohawk look is a style that consists of a strip of hair right at the center that is hardened with the use of a hair spay or a gel which vertically stands right on the end. Usually, the sides of the head are totally shaved off. However, as time passes by the mohawk has tamed a little bit giving birth to what is called as the faux hawk. This type of hairstyle is the tamed version of the mohawk which gives a person a softer look, not rigid at all. This makes you look at your best without even looking quite trashy.

Elegant Punk Hairstyle with coloring mode

Cute Punk Hairstyle with unique cuts

Common elements of a punk hairstyle include the use of bold colors and jagged lines which are used to create the style that we have come to associated with the punk lifestyle. Perhaps one of the most popular punk hairstyles that we are aware of is the Mohawk which has been popular for women, as well as men that wish to display their love for the punk lifestyle through their hair styles. The Mohawk can be shaped in a variety of ways and can include all of the hair being removed from the head, as well as the hair simply shortened on the side of the head. There are many ways that the hair can be undercut to allow for a Mohawk once the hair has been styled. Are you seeking a different punk style that can set you apart from the crowd? One of the best ways to do this is through the use of color that can be used to create a new color, depending on the mood. There are many great products which allow the individual to make use of temporary hair color through the use of sprays, gels and other applications which are adhered to the hair.

Hot Punk Hairstyle

Funny Punk Hairstyle with coloring

Sexy Punk Hairstyle

Cool Punk Hairstyle with red color

Trendy Punk Hairstyle

Unique Punk Hairstyle

Short Punk Hairstyle

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