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Party Hairstyles

Elegant Party Hairstyles with curly mode and bangs

Elegant Party Hairstyles with up do mode

Elegant blonde Party Hairstyles

Beautiful Party Hairstyles

Cute Party Hairstyles

Sexy Party Hairstyles with long curly mode

Pretty Party Hairstyles

Cocktail parties are your chance to experiment with a fun, flirty twist on a basic ponytail. Since these types of soirees take place at the six o’clock hour, many women make a mad dash from the office with little time to do a complete after-hours makeover. All there’s time for is a simple makeup touch-up and quick hairstyle change. It doesn’t get much simpler than the cocktail party ponytail, which we’ve given an elegant, disheveled spin. Try on cocktail party hairstyles in our virtual hairstyle studio. Cocktail parties call for a spontaneous hairstyle, so don’t fret over untamed tendrils: slightly undone is in. To do your ponytail in a devil-may-care fashion, create a deep side part and tease the hair at the crown with a comb to create height at the back of your head (flat hairstyles look boring and lifeless). Create a low ponytail at the nape of your neck, softly covering your ears. For a creative twist on the basic pony, pin up the ends of the tail in a loop or pull the tail halfway through the elastic on the final loop (cover the elastic by wrapping a few strands of hair around it). If you choose to let the hair hang out in classic fashion, shake the ponytail wildly with your fingers to give it an imperfect finish.

Natural Party Hairstyles with wavy mode

Up do Party Hairstyles with beautiful simple mode

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