Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Get more of a Foundation By correct Application…!

Makeup is no doubt a blessing for every woman since no body is perfect so here is the make up cosmetics which hide these imperfections. In the article a very important cosmetic foundation is discusses .Off course its correct application can make you more flawless Lady. So here we go…
No matter what make up cosmetics you are using you should be aware of it perfect and correct application. If you don’t follow the correct cosmetics application then it will give you worst results instead of best. Foundation cosmetic is one of those cosmetics who are essential in make up and many mistakes are made by women in applying it. The step by step application of foundation cosmetic will help you used in effectively.
Here are the steps of applying foundation cosmetic perfectly:
  1. Before applying foundation cosmetic your hands and face both should be clean and germs free.
  2.  Before applying the foundation cosmetic you should apply some moisturizer since foundation cosmetic do very well on good hydrated skin instead of dry one.
  3. Let the moisturizer set for few minutes else excess of moisturizer with the foundation cosmetic can ruin the make up.
  4. Now take some foundation cosmetic in finger tips and apply it on cheeks, chin, forehead and the tip of the nose. Use the sponge to blend it very well. Remember the foundation cosmetic is all about blending .blend well and get flawless results.
  5. For blending the foundation cosmetic concentrate more on forehand and jaw line to remove any obvious lines.
  6. Once you applied the foundation cosmetic set it with the loose powder to remove any looks of artificiality.
Some tips about Foundation cosmetic application:
  1. Keep your sponges clean and neat to protect it from bacteria. Sponge is the good tool to apply perfect foundation cosmetic.
  2. You don’t really need to cover all your face with foundation cosmetic .only apply foundation cosmetic to areas where needed like under eyes and chin and any where you face needs like in case of scars or dark spots.
  3. Always buy the foundation cosmetic of color nearest to your own color tone. brown foundation cosmetic will not look good on the fair skin. The basic task of foundation cosmetic is not to change your color but to cover you skin imperfections.

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