Minggu, 10 Juli 2011

Belt Fashion

Nothing says you “get it” like wearing a basic belt in the “right” way. 2011 is all about the slim belt with a slightly worn feel. The fashion way to wear it is to do the buckle up then pull the end down straight rather than threading it through the loops. The Burberry, ­Margaret Howell and Stella McCartney catwalks all agreed that this was the way to wear a classic belt. And so it is.

Luxury Belt made from shiny diamond

Elegant Belt with flower motif design

Elegant Belt with silver color

Trendy and modern Belt with two branches of belt

Elegant Belt with brown color and elastic design

Cute Belt with elastic design, perfect on your party dress

Beautiful Belt made from Chinese

Modern and looks fresh Belt with green color

Unique Belt with elegant design

Cute Belt perfect on your dress

Trendy Belt with hot red color

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