Selasa, 07 Juni 2011

More Skank Blasting, In Honor Of

She's Nasty!!!

 Wow she is such a ho!  Omg, this hussy is all over town, whoring up the place!  I met her at a night club where she obviously thinks she's some kind of "Club Kid", wearing so much make-up!

 ...Yeah, for serious, that's her the first time I met her... Obviously, since she's such a slut, she likes to act like she's bisexual, just for attention from guys!  Here's a pic of her and her ex-girlfriend who she totally F%#ked over!                                              
One day, when her girlfriend was at work, she packed up her things and left!  She eloped with some dude and stole a bunch of cash from her girlfriend!
...And then, she thought it would be cool to post this pic of Facebook with all of her girlfriend's stolen cash!  What a b*#ch!   So then she runs off with this dude, who she's only sleeping with cuz he shares his Whiskas with her!!!
 But she cheats on him all the time!!!  And she'll F$^k ANYTHING! Even dogs!!!
 So, she started getting into drugs and stuff, cuz of her new boyfriend.
 Now that she's hooked, she's been prostituting herself on Craigslist to earn enough money to keep up her habit.  Gross what a slut!  I found this picture of her online advertising her "escort" services:
 I know she's been to rehab at least once, but she started using again.  Just a warning, I wouldn't F&*k her with out a condom, cuz this b#tch is all kinds of filthy!  The last time I saw her, she was looking completely strung out.

 Yuck! She's nasty, and she needs to learn her lesson!

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