Senin, 13 Juni 2011

Taylor Momsen; All Used Up Before Her 18th

Taylor Momsen has yet to turn 18 years old, but has already out-skanked her welcome.   Most recently:
I feel gross.
 Some past indiscretions:
I can't help but feel like someone should be held responsible for the corruption of a minor here.  Is this legal?  Where is this girl's mother?
 Is it my imagination, or does she look like a cheap hooker?  Just a reminder; NOT YET 18!  This means her adult guardians have approved of this!
 My God!  I don't want to be redundant, but this is the picture of a CHILD!  She cannot legally have her ears pierced with out the permission of a legal guardian!  I'm not sure if this is embarrassing or tragic.  At this rate, this is what I expect her to look like when she hits her 25th birthday:
 Lets just hope it doesn't come to this.  Working in her favor, her skin will not likely endure much sun damage.  Lets just hope this is merely a juvenile phase she will soon outgrow.  Best of luck, our loveable hoochie.  God speed, T-Mom, God speed...
Ps- Try keeping your clothes on, it's really not that bad having self respect.

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  1. TERRIBLE! I feel sick... Taylor is Courtney Love -wannabe (and seems like she's inspired by Lady Gaga with those stickers on her nipples.....) what a bitch.