Rabu, 09 Maret 2011

When Reproducing Bites You InThe A$$... A Rumer Willis Story

Okay, I'm going to begin by posing the question, "Why the f*ck would Bruce and Demi think that reproducing is a good idea???".  These are two people who (in my opinion) don't have a single attractive facial feature between the two of them, and yet they said, "yeah, we will have babies, and we will love them no matter what they look like".  Well, they sure did produce a face that only a mother could love....
UGH! WHOA!!! Yuck!!!

I decided to produce a couple of other possibilities as far as Rumer's facial potential.  We'll begin with the caricatured "Worst Case Scenario"  :
Not my best work, but then again, not the easiest face to work with...

Next is my "Improved Version" of Miss Rumer Willis;
 *Again, not my best work, but try to consider the canvas that I'm working with...  It looks like plastic surgery may be the answer.  Sorry Rumer.  I still don't hate you as much as I hate Fergie.

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