Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

These Freaks Give My Life Meaning! Thank You Nik Richie!!!

I found these pics on a site called The Dirty, which is run by Nik Richie.  This site is friggin' AWESOME, so check it out.  Anyways, these chicks (who are apparently twins) seem to think they are models.  Either this is comedy brilliance, or completely retarded.   I wish I had come up with such a great idea, unfortunately for these two, I've got a feeling this is just stupidity. Nik has named them Prodigy, and Back-Up Dancer.  Back-Up Dancer is the fatter one.

For more images, awesome videos, and commentary from Nik Richie, follow this link

Here are links to their Model Mayhem Pages too
Prodigy  and Back-Up Dancer

Once again, THANK YOU to Nik Richie and his Dirty Army!!! You have brought me so much joy!!!

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