Minggu, 06 Maret 2011

My 2011 Sh*t List; Volume One

#1 on my list; obviously Fergie.
        As you already may know, I despise this beast.  But now, after ruining 'Sweet Child O' Mine' (one of my favorite songs) at the Super Bowl half time show (and daring to put her greasy hands on Slash's rhinestone encrusted jacket)- well now I've had it!!! Fergie, you will pay dearly for these missteps, I promise you this.

#2 Ke$ha (in a bathing suit, of all things)
            Good God, I didn't think it was possible for a reasonably trim person to look so horrifyingly bad in a bathing suit.  Ke$ha, you proved me wrong.  Also, do us all a favor and please stop allowing yourself to be photographed.  

#3 Kim Kardashian's Plastic-ness
             Alright, stop denying it. The cat's out of the bag, and we all know (as if it wasn't already obvious) that you've had plastic surgery.  And it looks bad. You look like an alien.

#4 Lindsay Lohan- Get hot again, or just go away
                I've really lost interest in Lilo's train wreck of a life.  The constant drama is too much work to keep up with, especially now that she looks like and 84 year old.  Get your sh*t together, or get the f*ck out!

#5 Taylor Momsen- Jail bait Crack-whore Extraordinaire
                      I'm really unsure why this chick is famous (besides being famous for being a slut) but I think she used to be on Gossip Girl.  Anyways, it appears that she is now some kind of musician.  Based on her need to dress this way, I'm going to assume that the music is terrible.  I believe she is still only seventeen years old, which makes it even more sad, because she looks like a worn out tramp, and is still technically "jail bait".  Sad slut :/

#6 The 2011 Oscars 
                              Sucked... 'Nuff said.

#7 Jesse Eisenberg
                             He didn't do anything wrong, his face just really annoys me.

....To be continued

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